Day 18 – Tongariro Park

So this post contrasts two huts situated within a 20 minute walk from each other. One is the newest hut to be constructed (completed two years ago) and is a pretty good attempt at a off grid comfortable contemporary hut, and the second is the first hut constructed in New Zealand. The old hut is constructed using wood framing, at the beginning of the 20th century, with corrugated iron sheets on either side and pumas as insulation. The hut was divided into two rooms each with a separate door to the outside, one with a fireplace and more spacious for the men, and another smaller one with no amenities or heat for the women. A wood floor was added several years after construction. The hut was originally built as a stopping place for people traveling north through the centre of the island and later when the railway was built it became the home base of New Zealand’s first ski club. The hut was recently restored, by replacing rotten framing, and pumas that had turned to dust.