Day 23 – Wellington, NZ

First picture is of downtown, and the wellington cable car line that was constructed in 1902 in order to provide access to the top of the hill so that the cities residential areas could expand. The system differs from the one in San Francisco, as instead o a continuous running cable that the car latches onto when it wants to move, this car works more like a cable elevator does. The car itself is Parallelogram shaped in sire elevation and so are the sliding doors. There are steps as you walk one end to the other with the slope of the hill and each pair of seats is at a different level. The second photo is the old parliament buildings and the addition that was added later on, quite the contrast, similar to Toronto. The final picture is their flat iron type building that has been restored and the interior has been turned into a successful shopping mall. I know the colour pallet is probably way off the original, however how they have painted it, it glowed quite nicely in the street.