Day 41 – Kaikoura, NZ

So far I don’t think I have posted a single photograph of an animal here in New Zealand. Let me explain a little bit about why. As New Zealand is an isolated island, there were only 3 native types of mammals, other than those in the ocean, and all three were types of bats. Between the Mauri and the Europeans, who both settled the island at different time, all the land mammals that now make New Zealand home were brought. Many of the native birds lay their nests on the ground and are primarily ground birds, such as the Kiwi bird, as there was no worry of predators. Due to invasive species such as the possum, many of these birds are nearly extinct, or have not survived.

Due to the huge numbers of animals of each invasive species, and a lack of predators to kill them, the Department of Conservation is trying to eliminate them. Their motto for possums is that “the only good Possum is a dead Possum”, they trap them, and most Kiwis swerve to hit them on the road. Also, species such a deer are legal to hunt within the national parks.

As far a I am aware all the species in my photographs today are native to New Zealand.