Day 94 – Ellora Caves, India

The Ellora Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are located approximately 30km from Aurangabad in India. The 34 caves were cut into the rock of the Charanandri hills between 400 and 900 AD by the Buddhist, Hindu and Jains. Most of them do actually take the shape of a cave, however, the main one is a full temple with both the exterior and interior forms having been carved out of the rock hill. The surrounding rock gives you a sense of how massive an undertaking this must have been.

Today’s post is a series of broader images while tomorrows will show some of the intricate carvings. Interior shots were very difficult as the caves are quite dark (the only source of light is from the entrance) and after the first couple caves I was told my tripod was not allowed. What that means is that some things I wanted to photograph, I was unable to, however, I think there is still plenty to get a sense of these incredible man made caves.