Day 118 – Langtang, Nepal

Day 6 of our Himalayan Langtang mountain trek. This day turned into an epic 22 km hike starting at an altitude of 3500m, proceeding over the 4600m high pass back down to approximately 3400m. It was meant to be about 8km shorter, however one of the tea houses was illegally closed, so we had to push on. The photo of Kathleen and I is at the summit of the pass, unfortunately we were in the clouds at that point. The photos of the lake are of Gosaikund lake, which is a very important lake in the Buddhist religion. Thousands of people trek up here each year (4200m, 2 days straight uphill from 2100m) to drink from the water source that feeds the lake. In the second last photo, the drop off is about 2km down to the valley floor.