• Rendering Credit: E.R.A. Architects Inc.
  • Photo Credit: Visioning Scarborough Blog
  • Photo Credit: Visioning Scarborough Blog

Sky-O-Swale Construction Begins, Scarborough, ON

Construction has finally begun on the Sky-O-Swale that I helped design with the local community while at E.R.A. Architects.  The project is located at the East Scarborough Storefront (ESS).  The East Scarborough Storefront is a community hub offering multiple supports and services to the diverse communities of East Scarborough.  The design for the green roof pavilion and sports’ court was developed while working with the local youth through the Community.Design.Initiative.

The design of the green roof pavilion features a water-purifying hanging catenary green roof and a rainwater harvesting system.  The pavilion is to be constructed using a variety of reclaimed materials including telephone poles, chain-link fence, waterproofing membrane, fence posts, beverage crates and rain barrels.

I will make posts updating on the construction, or you can follow the Visioning Scarborough Blog.


Photo Credits: Visioning Scarborough Blog

Rendering Credits: E.R.A. Architects Inc.