Polyvalent Adaptation wins Canadian Architect Award

My masters thesis ‘Polyvalent Adaptation’ recently received the Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence for 2016 by a jury that included Patricia Patkau, David Sisam and Manon Asselin.  It was also featured in the December 2016 issue of the Canadian Architect Magazine. The full project can be viewed in my portfolio.

The research portion of my thesis explored the issues surrounding sea level rise and developed the idea of Polyvalent Adaptation as an approach to addressing these issues.  Tonga was chosen as a test location, however the approach can be applied throughout the world in varying contexts and at various scales.

The design is presented as a narrative following a young Tongan named Fokai through his life in Tonga over the next several decades and is accompanied by drawings and diagrams.  This manner of presentation was selected in order to bring a large infrastructural project back to the human scale and to highlight the polyvalence and temporality of the project.